Saturday, December 8, 2012

Dedicated to the joys and frustrations of cheese!

My first post in my new cheesemaking blog. With the cooler weather, I have more time to write, and more time to make cheese.  Not that I'm going to make a different cheese each time, but my blog will serve as a working notebook of successes and errors--yes, and downright failures, too.  I have those, and sometimes they're pretty spectacular.

Like the time I made chevre and it was in too warm a place and when I lifted the cover to check the set, it was foamy and spongy.  The chickens loved it. 

Or the time I made feta and it expanded as it hung in its cheesecloth bag, draining.  A couple more failures like that and I learned that feta must be made in cooler weather, or at least in a cool place, which I don't have in the summer.  Feta making is now limited to late fall through early spring.

So, this is a learning blog, detailing cheesemaking and more, perhaps other food experiments.  What is certain is that It will develop as time passes.


  1. I just found your blog. I am also retired, a nurse. Now raising first meat goats now dairy kids due in Spring . I have alpacas, donkeys, and horses . Plus chickens and guineas.
    Life is never dull,

    1. What kind of dairy goats, Patsy? I have Saanens and Sables, which I talk about in my other blog. I also have horses and guineas. I'm guessing the donkeys are to guard the alpacas, right?